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Kumbaya– hand cut tyvek paper stapled to plastic tarps, screen printed sandbags, tires, and rope – Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett, (2014). This installation was created during our residency at Present Project in Honolulu, September, 2014. Temporary and permanent shelter materials were cut, sewn together, and suspended from the ceiling. A large ceiling fan sent both wind and flickering cool light through cut droplet shapes into the the tent, rustling a jungle of cut paper festooning the interior space, and projecting ambient shadows on the surrounding walls and floor.The title of Kumbaya references a spiritual song first recorded in the 1920’s that became a standard campfire songs in scouting and summer camps. It is originally a simple appeal to a deity to help those in need, but more recently it is alluded to in satirical ways that suggest naively optimistic views of the world and human nature. We are interested in that duality, and our intent was to create a shelter that was at once comforting and peaceful, yet fragile, tenuous and makeshift.